Filmed At Home

Most enquirers to our advertising prove to be dreamers. The idea of being paid to have it off is very appealing concept to most of us, and why shouldn’t it be. I can think of no better way of spending an afternoon than in the company of someone of the opposite sex and get paid. I am very sure most people will agree with that statement, until it comes down to the real knitty gritty of doing something.

It is a real down side of this business that we have to pay good money to newspapers and web marketing companies to advertise primarily for men to spend quality time with a young lady and get paid.

Truthfully you would think that you could go out with a sign on your back that said, “Have sex and get paid" follow me. Within ten minutes, you would assume that you would have a bus stop queue behind you, but unfortunately this is not the case, because most are dreamers and only think, “I would like to do that”. Therefore we spend good money on advertising in newspapers, money we would rather keep in our pockets, but sadly we still attract dreamers.

So if you are just a nosy dreamer that only dreams of what could be, and only ever sees a problem, then please read no further. We are not for you, and you are not for us goodnight and thank you for your interest.